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  • CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator
  • CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator
  • CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator
  • CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator

CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator

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The more you use it, the more you'll love it. Do a lot of gardening without bending over.

A note from Noel Valdes, creator of the CobraHead®

If you've heard the story of how I came up with the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator design you know that there was some luck involved, but the end result has proven to be a very useful and well-liked tool. The same can be said for our CobraHead Long Handle. The long tool wasn't really on the drawing boards until we got numerous comments from mostly older gardeners asking us to "put that thing on a long handle."

So we did. While we had to make a lot of modifications to make a long tool that was a true improvement to similar hoes already out there, we know from the testimonials we've received for this tool, the results were worth the effort. Many older gardeners tell us that this tool has kept them in the garden where otherwise they'd have had to give it up.

Boyd E. Hudson III, Orange County, NC, says:

"I had bilateral knee replacements. Kneeling is something I just don't do any more...for anything, period. I needed that long handle CobraHead weeder. I not only had a great weeder, but one which was long enough to double as a walking staff to steady me as I maneuver through my garden. I can recommend the CobraHead Long Handle weeder without reservation. Strong, replaceable parts, it is truly a must have garden tool."

And we heard this from Patricia Czerwinski, New Lenox, IL:

"I had total hip replacement both hips this year. I can't get down on the ground anymore or bend way down. I kept looking and trying out different tools. I didn't find any that took out all weeds. This one does. I absolutely love it. I gave info on the CobraHead to my physical therapist for other patients. You may quote me. I would like to help others learn what a great garden tool it is!!!"

I'm 67 and still in pretty good shape, but I don't want to get down on my hands and knees more than I have to. The CobraHead Long Handle is, by far, my favorite tool for general weeding maintenance. Unlike wider flat bladed hoes, I can work in and around my tightly spaced plants, and I can work in uneven soil - it's great in my raised beds.

I'm not only gratified from the comments that we get from older gardeners regarding our Long Handle, the fact that so many of our customers are small scale growers - the little CSA farmers and farm market growers who are using hand tools to grow good food - makes me especially happy.

Give the long handle a try or give it as a gift to an older gardener. We guarantee they will be happy.

  • The sharp blade cuts through hard soil.
  • The unique blade shape and angle make it an extremely effective weeding device
  • The single blade cuts hard soil more easily and with far less resistance than a wide hoe or a multi-tined tool.
  • Excellent for weeding in tightly spaced crops such as onions, where most hoes are too wide to be safely effective.
  • Extremely effective tool for scalping or cutting off weeds at ground level.
  • Work around drip irrigation or other tight spaces.

**Note: The CobraHead® Long Handle blade is thin, sharp and strong. However, due to its thinness, it is not indestructible. It is not designed for pulling dandelions out of the lawn or for removing large plants and roots. **

** The Long-handled CobraHead ships for free within the 50 United States and Puerto Rico. For international orders please contact us.** 

Specifications & Features

  • Made in USA!
  • One year unconditional warranty.
  • The CobraHead® Long Handle weighs about 2.4 pounds and comes in three (3) handle lengths of 48"*, 54" and 60" (inches). The blade assembly adds 8" to the length, so the overall tool lengths are 56" (48" handle), 62" (54" handle), and 68" (60" handle).
  • Gardeners under 5' 2" may prefer the 48" handle.*
  • The 54" handle (62" overall) is typical and recommended for most gardeners.
  • Gardeners over 6' 2" may prefer the 60" handle.
  • Please note: handle length choices are subjective to individual users.

Customer Testimonials

"The CobraHead Long Handle arrived... as you promised, I love it. I see what you meant about the handle's being special--this is a very well-engineered tool, a rarity in today's world--and should last for years, but by making the blade replaceable, you have provided for any future problem. Your Product Info and dissertation on gardening were superb. My favorite garden tool of recent years (an oscillating hoe) has just been retired. I could never understand why only one edge of that was sharpened. The CobraHead does a better job of "scalping" and so many other things in addition."
Carol Isaacs
Orange, Connecticut

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CobraHead Long Handle 01:07

The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator and the CobraHead Long Handle are high quality, ergonomically friendly U.S. made tools used for a wide variety of gardening and growing tasks including weeding, digging, planting, edging and more. Both tools utilize a “steel-fingernail®” blade that can cut through hard clays, sod, and densely packed soils. More information can be found here:

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“I grow a lot of onions and carrots, which need constant weeding when they are young. My CobraHead is always the tool of choice because its sharp edges shave down weeds so efficiently. My garden is big and busy, but I have never lost a CobraHead because the curved neck can be hung on anything – a post, fence or even a tomato cage. I have a long-handled CobraHead, too, which I use in the garden for weeding and making shallow furrows. Confession: It makes a darn fine scraper in the chicken house, too. “

Barbara Pleasant, award-winning book author and contributing editor to Mother Earth News

“ I’ve found CobraHead to be one of the most durable tools out in the landscape. Used for a wide range of purposes, our volunteers also find CobraHead to be the preferred tool of choice. The longevity of this well-constructed tool will be measured in decades and beyond which is not typical anymore! “

Mark Dwyer, Director of Horticulture at Rotary Botanical Gardens (Janesville, WI).

“Shawna is an author, columnist, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson with green lifestyle living, organic gardening, and healthy cooking who campaigns for social good. “

Shawna Coronado ‘Popular Garden Blogger’