Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool

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Long Handled Gardening Tools

 At CobraHead, we love gardening just as much as you do! We all love gardening for the opportunity to be out in nature, but it can become a backbreaking process. For some, the only way gardening and weeding is even possible is through our CobraHead long handled gardening tools. Stand up straight while you garden or weed by using our Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator.

For those of us who can no longer kneel down, you can select either a 48, 54 or even 60 inch handle for your Weeder & Cultivator. The blade assembly adds 8" to the length, so the overall tool lengths are 56" (48" handle), 62" (54" handle), and 68" (60" handle). Generally most gardeners enjoy the 54” length and we typically recommend this size.

Unique Blade Makes for Extreme Functionality

At CobraHead, we’ve constructed long handled weeding tools that any gardener would love! The unique blade shape and angle make it a powerful weeding device. The blade can cut hard soil with less resistance than a wider hoe or multi-tined tool. Crops like onions become a breeze to weed while protecting the fragile roots from harm. Work with uneven soil or with tightly spaced plants with ease.

Hobby gardeners and even small-scale growers are enjoying the benefits of our long handled gardening tools. CobraHead tools will break through the toughest crusted soil, without breaking your back. The CobraHead long handled weeder and cultivator's ergonomic design is best used with a sweeping action, raking sideways across your body and not bending over, making it easy to get at those hard to reach weeds!

Customer reviews indicate that this product is one-of-a-kind and well deserving of its 5 star rating. Watch our videos for yourself, and see why farmers and hobbyists alike choose CobraHead long handled gardening tools. 

Customer Testimonials

"The CobraHead Long Handle arrived... as you promised, I love it. I see what you meant about the handle's being special--this is a very well-engineered tool, a rarity in today's world--and should last for years, but by making the blade replaceable, you have provided for any future problem. Your Product Info and dissertation on gardening were superb. My favorite garden tool of recent years (an oscillating hoe) has just been retired. I could never understand why only one edge of that was sharpened. The CobraHead does a better job of "scalping" and so many other things in addition."
Carol Isaacs
Orange, Connecticut

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  • Made in USA!
  • One year unconditional warranty.
  • The CobraHead® Long Handle weighs about 2.4 pounds and comes in three (3) handle lengths of 48"*, 54" and 60" (inches). The blade assembly adds 8" to the length, so the overall tool lengths are 56" (48" handle), 62" (54" handle), and 68" (60" handle).
  • Gardeners under 5' 2" may prefer the 48" handle.*
  • The 54" handle (62" overall) is typical and recommended for most gardeners.
  • Gardeners over 6' 2" may prefer the 60" handle.
  • Please note: handle length choices are subjective to individual users.

64 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by LOU ANN SCHLICHTER on 5th Oct 2021

    I could not be without this tool. I broke the handle on my old one and is still useable, but missed my long handle. Loving my new tool!

  • 5
    Long handle weeder and cultivator

    Posted by Judy B on 21st Sep 2021

    I love this tool! It lifts weeds right out and they usually stay on the tip for disposal. I garden from a wheelchair and this 48" gives me the reach I need. It reaches in between plants without damaging them. I could go on, if you are thinking about it, don't wait. It is heavy.

  • 5
    Awesome Tool

    Posted by Daniel Blair on 9th Aug 2021

    Purchased based on Mother in Law recommending, wish I had bought one years ago. Great tool

  • 5
    Long handle cobra head

    Posted by Debbie on 6th Aug 2021

    This tool is amazing. I would have bought it the first time I saw it. My yard is seriously over planted (from previous owners) and have roots everywhere. Very hard to get a hoe in to get weeds. The cobra head is small enough to get in amid the roots and remove the weeds. One of the best investments in yard tools that I have ever made. If you are considering a cobra head, go for it. Made my yard work so much easier.

  • 5
    Cobra Head Weeder

    Posted by Liz on 27th Jul 2021

    Excellent tool! I b ought the shorter one in the spring & really liked it, but needed a longer one for other gardens. Highly recommend it!

  • 5
    a good tool for digging and pulling weeds...Easy to reach in around plants and not harm wanted plants,

    Posted by Rita Root on 16th Jul 2021

    I wish I had had this tool long ago

  • 5
    Long handled cobra head

    Posted by Mary Feldner on 26th Jun 2021

    I've had the short handled cobra head for years and have loved it. As I'm bending over to use it (which is useful), I thought why not try it with the long handle. I love it. Makes weeding and cultivating so much easier and easier on my back. I highly recommend it as the tool of choice.

  • 5
    long handle weeder & cultivator garden tool

    Posted by Michael Whipple on 24th Jun 2021

    this garden tool has become my favorite go to tool for keeping the weeds out of my raised garden beds.

  • 5
    Lang handled Cobra

    Posted by Sue Rivers on 22nd Jun 2021

    Really pleased. Recommended by a plant pro. I'm a home gardener who feels as though I can litterally 'get a handle" on the weeds now. It pops out dandelions/deep tap roots. It ellinates weeds as you pull it back 'home'. The hook at the end and the cobra head both cultivate with my pushing and pulling. Heavy duty, you won't need another. However the short handled model might be next on my list.