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Broadfork Garden Tool

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Features & Benefits

Broadforks are becoming increasingly popular with small farmers and home gardeners who do not wish to use motorized tillers. A broadfork, also known as a grelinette, is an essential tool for small-scale farming and gardening using a no-till approach to soil preparation. Broadforks can aerate and loosen soils with much less damage to soil structure as they lift and aerate the soil without shredding it as a motorized tiller does. They also don’t stir up weed pieces and weed seeds like a tiller. Forks require no power and do not put gasoline fumes into the garden. In many cases, a fork is easier to use than a tiller.

The optimally curved round tines penetrate the toughest soils, and the flexible ash handles make our broadfork a pleasure to work with. Working up previously gardened areas is a snap, and the tool is great for cleaning up overgrown areas and harvesting root vegetables.  Broadforks are also excellent for heavy duty weeding, and they can be an assist for harvesting root crops.

The CobraHead® Broadfork is strong, light, and very easy to use. The tines are mounted through the crossbar which increases the tool’s strength and makes cleanup easier. The 1045 carbon steel is extremely resistant to bending or breaking.

  • Light Weight - 14 lbs. - 6.4kg
  • Strength - through the crossbar tine mounting – 1045 tine steel.
  • Round tines – lift soil unlike flat blade tines.
  • Easier cleanup than outside mounted or flat tines.

  • Optimally curved tines – penetrate tough soils.
  • Ash Handles - great to work with.
  • Traditional U-design - highly ergonomic.


Overall Height: 57" (145cm)
Handle Length: 48" (123cm)
Width at widest point: 21" (53cm)
Width – outside of tine to tine: 17 ½" (44.5cm)
Tine working Length: 9 ¼" (23.5cm)
Tine diameter: 5/8" (1.6cm)
Weight: 14 lbs (6.4kg)

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