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Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool

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Features & Benefits

Long Handled Gardening Tools

At CobraHead, we all love gardening just as much as you do! We love it for the opportunity to be out in nature, but it can become a backbreaking process. For those of us who can no longer kneel down, the only way gardening and weeding is even possible is through our CobraHead long handled gardening tool which allows you to stand up straight while you garden or weed by using our Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator. This can save your back and knees from stress and strain.

Unique Blade Makes for Extreme Functionality

At CobraHead, we’ve constructed long handled weeding tools that any gardener would love! Hobby gardeners and even small-scale growers are enjoying the benefits of our long handled gardening tools. CobraHead tools will break through the toughest crusted soil, without breaking your back.

The CobraHead long handled weeder and cultivator's ergonomic design is best used with a sweeping action, raking sideways across your body and not bending over, making it easy to get at those hard to reach weeds! The unique blade shape and angle make it a powerful weeding device and the blade can cut hard soil with less resistance than a wider hoe or multi-tined tool. Crops like onions become a breeze to weed while protecting the fragile roots from harm. Its also wonderful to work with uneven soil or with tightly spaced plants with ease.

Our customer reviews show this product is truly one-of-a-kind and well deserving of its 5 star rating. Take a peek at our videos and see why farmers and hobbyists alike choose CobraHead long handled gardening tools!


The CobraHead® Long Handle
Weighs approx. 2 lbs. 6 oz. (1.08 kg).

It comes in three overall tool lengths:
Small 56" (Gardeners under 5'3")
Standard 62" (Gardners 5'4" to 6'-1")
Tall 68" (Gardeners over 6'2")

Please note: Length choices are subjective to individual users but this is what we have found works the majority of the time for our customers.

Metric Specs:
Overall tool lengths:
Small 142cm (Gardeners under 160cm)
Standard 157cm (Gardners 163cm to 186cm)
Tall 173cm (Gardeners over 188cm)

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