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Testimonials Long Handle

"I just wanted to say THANKS to the designer of this wonderful gardening tool.  I’m in my ‘60’s and grew up in a gardening family (my dad had every hand tool you could possibly imagine for working in the garden).  I still have one of his favorite hoe’s, but the Cobra Head is now my “go to” tool when checking my garden for weeds.  My husband brought this home a couple months ago and asked me  to try it out.  I looked at it and although I could tell is was well manufactured I just wasn’t too  excited about it . . . then a couple weeks later I was on my hands and knees pulling some nasty Bermuda out by hand when my husband  insisted I try the Cobra Head tool.  Well, amazing is not nearly enough  to describe my satisfaction.  It is light weight, yet very sturdy and well balanced.  It’s easy on my back and  gets the job done is significantly less time than any other tool in my garden shed.  Thanks Cobra Head."
Nancy Z
OKC. OK     

"At last year’s GWA Symposium, you gave me the long-handled Cobrahead to try out, and I want to tell you that I am completely SOLD on this tool. I tried the handheld CobraHead before, but it requires much more effort especially for my hands. The long handled version, though, has a sturdy, slim, and well proportioned handle, which makes it a joy to use, especially for a small someone (5’4”), who is 50-something and whose hands are starting to get arthritic. Getting a lot of work without a lot of effort is an important feature for any of the garden tools I choose. 
I can do more, more easily, with the one long-handled CobraHead tool than with any other I own. I use it to pull the toughest weeds and the easy “volunteers,” to cultivate around plants, to pull piles of weeds and prunings to the wheelbarrow, to rake, and to reach out and grab weeds hiding beneath bushes. Congratulations on producing such a fine tool. I suggest that you have the Arthritis Foundation test the long-handled version, because it produces such extraordinary results with little wear and tear on the worker’s hands, back, upper body, etc. It’s a tough, superior tool that is easy on the gardener. 

Thanks for sharing your CobraHead with me."

Elizabeth Petersen, Garden Writer
West Linn, OR


"Hey Folks:
I received my long handled CobraHead last Tuesday. Just wanted to say that in my 40 years of gardening that that is absolutely the best garden tool I have ever used. It's a real winner, and I will be ordering my second one soon. Have to go, can't wait to get back in the garden and start weeding!"

Bob Offerman

"I discovered the tool on the Internet. I am having trouble with my shoulder and thought I would have trouble using it, but after hearing about it at the garden club, I tried it. I love it!!!  I had total hip replacement both hips this year. I can't get down on the ground anymore or bend way down. I kept looking and trying out different tools. I didn't find any that took out all weeds. This one does. I absolutely love it. I gave info on the CobraHead to my physical therapist for other patients. Someone I know had hip replacement and dislocated his hip weeding.  You may quote me. I would like to help others learn what a great garden tool it is!!!"
Patricia Czerwinski
New Lenox, IL

"Well, now I have a dilemma. Last year the first tool I'd reach for when going out into the garden to weed was the CobraHead. So what's different this year? The creators have designed the same tool, but with a long handle that allows one to weed from the comfort of a standing position. I must say, it is rare for a company to be named to the Best-Of list two years in a row. But inventor Noel Valdes of CobraHead has done it!
Joe Lamp'l
Marietta, Georgia

"The CobraHead Long Handle arrived... as you promised, I love it. I see what you meant about the handle's being special--this is a very well-engineered tool, a rarity in today's world--and should last for years, but by making the blade replaceable, you have provided for any future problem. Your Product Info and dissertation on gardening were superb. My favorite garden tool of recent years (an oscillating hoe) has just been retired. I could never understand why only one edge of that was sharpened. The CobraHead does a better job of "scalping" and so many other things in addition."
Carol Isaacs
Orange, Connecticut

"After I took the official picture of the new Cobrahead hoe for my hoe collection post, I put it into action to see if I liked it. And I like it. The working end up of it is quite sharp, just like the short-handled version that I got for Christmas, which makes it very nice for cutting out weeds, especially in tight quarters.
It also did a good job breaking up the ground, which is one of the key features of a good hoe, though I'll admit if I had a big area to cultivate, I'd choose one of my other hoes with a larger head. But this one did a great job of making a nice long, fairly deep, furrow which will be good for planting beans and corn later this spring!"
May Dreams Gardens, Indiana

"Dear CobraHead and Company,
I live in Orange County. NC, famous for it's hard, dense orange (go figure) clay. When I moved down here from NJ 24 years ago one of the very first things I did in the garden was to bust a tine off of a brand new spading fork. In dealing with these soil conditions there have been precious few garden tools which excite me anymore. The garden claw was the first. A couple of eye hoes from Easy Digging .com were next. Then came the Cobrahead weeder. I was a skeptic, just bought the short handle cost less. That way if it didn't great loss. I was surprised and very impressed. The precision it affords is astounding, letting you get in much closed to plants than you could otherwise. The small size allows more force to be concentrated on a small area, thus breaking up otherwise stubborn soil. It glides under mulch, cutting weeds without hardly disturbing the mulch at all. It enables you to take out weeds in a lawn or amid ground cover with little or no "collateral damage".

Well, now I was in sort of a pickle, ya see, I had this REALY GREAT tool...but I also had bilateral knee replacements. Kneeling is something I just don't do any more...for anything, period. I needed that long handle cobrahead weeder. I put it on my fathers day list, it was the only thing on my fathers day list! It was delivered today, unpacked and assembled immediately and tested right after dinner. I was impressed and pleased . In fact the more I used it the more impressed I became. Now I not only had a great weeder, but one which was long enough to double as a walking staff to steady me as I maneuver through my garden. 

I can recommend the CobraHead Long Handle weeder without reservation. Strong, replaceable parts, it is truly a must have garden tool."

Boyd E. Hudson III
Orange County, NC